20+ GB of free online storage with Copy


EDIT (30/5): Copy now further expands free accounts to 15 GB of space, so you’ll receive 20 GB of free space (but hurry, it’s a limited offer). Sign-up for free 20 GB here.

It’s been almost a year since my last post on the topic of online backup and/or sharing. Since then, new players entered the market and I’d like to show you one of them – Copy.

I’ll make this quick, since Copy works like any other similar service (Dropbox, Google Drive etc.). Let’s focus on the interesting stuff:

Copy key features

..that persuaded me :)

  • Widely multiplatform – desktop clients for Windows, MacOS and Linux (native!) + mobile for Android and iOS
  • More free space – Copy offers 5 GB free accounts, which is.. well, standard. But you’ll get another 5 GB if you were refered by another member and you’ll get another 5 GB for guys you refer. Oh yes, and additional 2 GB for a single tweet (so if I invite you, you tweet about Copy and invite another your friend, you’ll have free 17 GB account). And there’s never enough free online space, right?
  • Easy sharing – nice and intuitive UI, easy management of sharing permissions..

If a few dozens of free GB isn’t enough for you (or your company), there’s always paid plans starting at $99/year for 250 GB.

So if you fancy free 10 GB, go ahead and use my referal, register and you have it (after you download a client).

Thanks John Quealy for the tip!

Cubby – Dropbox killer alternative?

You may have heard about Cubby already. Basically, it’s online backup and sharing service – like DropboxGoogle Drive or SpiderOak – which means it keeps your files synchronized online, reachable anywhere with internet connection, across all your devices and of course with your friends and colleagues. There’s no need to explain how useful that can be.

the twist..

So, Cubby offers online storage and sharing, that’s nice. But with its free 5 GB, that won’t be enough to beat its competitors, right? That’s when the twist comes in – beyond those 5 GB in cloud, you get unlimited space for peer-2-peer sharing. What that means? That across your devices (~ devices paired with your account), you can store whatever data you want, in any amout. They won’t be reachable online, but they’ll be synced across your computers and other devices, which makes it ideal for syncing your documents, music and work files. Keep in mind that files shared with your friends has to be in cloud, so no unlimited sharing there.

Cubby is currently in beta and invite only.. Check out Cubby website and promo video for more information, if interested.


Fancy some more good news? All right! I have 5 invites, so let me know in comments if you’re interested, tell me what you want to share/sync (I’m just curious and want to get inspired) and you’re in!

Software/app picks #2 – online backup and sharing

In last episode of Software/app picks, I’ve published my personal top choices for web browsers. Today, I’ll bring you my opinions on online backup and sharing services, which importance (and/or need) is still greater thanks to rising number of different devices a person owns today – let’s say a desktop computer, laptop and a smartphone. Everyone’s probably already heard of Dropbox, but I’ll introduce you to a few alternatives as well.

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