Huge stuff ahead!


I’ve been very busy lately, participating on exciting stuff! There’s been much going on and I’d like to inform you about what’s been cooking in the backstage.

AllienWorks on Creative Market

About half a year ago, I joined Creative Market (not just yet another place to sell your digital goods online) and worked on some polished products to offer.

Mono2 Icon Pack

If you follow, you’ve noticed the release of Mono2 icon pack (which is more successful, than I thought) AKA lovely minimalistic & monochromatic webfont icon pack. The news is that version 1.1 is coming soon, so fire up your PayPals ;)

Buy & Download

→ Buy Mono2

FPress Five

FPress Five is a successor of former FoundationPress (deseased) WordPress starter theme. Built on Foundation 5, with better customization options and cleaner code that its ancestor, FPress Five already saved me loads of time when building WordPress themes.

Buy & Demo

→ See demo | Buy FPress Five

Dirty Texture Pack

And then there are my favourite old, cracked and dirty walls! Another version of textures that brought me “Featured” badge back on GraphicRiver. Priced at $4, they’re perfect as subtle semi-transparent textures for your websites or photomanipulations *wink wink*

Buy & Download

→ Buy 30 Dirty Wall Textures

New and renewed projects

You might see where I’m going with the products I sell online. FPress Five is primarily my own WordPress starter for future projects.. well, you can have a look around, AW uses FPress Five for some time (still a lot to work on here).

Techr – IT; internet things..

..err, in Czech. Techr will be hopefully mentally-older brother of your existing website/community Focused on web design, web development, (Android) apps, possibly Win/Linux and IT & Net in general, we’re really excited to bring it to you. I’m more than happy to say that its devel is almost done and there’ll be launch some time soon.. Check out our Google+ page in the meantime ;)

Hello again, Stockr!


Hands up all of you, who’s with me since Stockr 1.0!

Stockr used to be alternative to classical stock photo sites, but instead of over-joyed couples, Stock was full of free dirty textures (mentioned above). There’s been some problems with provider and I was forced to move my domain & hosting elsewhere, but hadn’t time to “reboot”.

Since then, I redesigned the site to be more usable and functional, so this will be really exciting as well.

Someting more personal?

Now you probably see why I wasn’t blogging that much in past few months :) This year was really crazy, I met some great and inspiring people (in both personal and work “lives”), moved out, changed job twice.. Wild ride indeed.

In the end, We’ve joined our forces with my colleague and we’re off to bright tomorrows as co-freelancers (is there even a term like that?!). Mindblow emerged. It’s great to see the opportunities ahead and I can’t wait what we’ll encounter along the road.

That’s it. See ya next time, take care and treat yourself a nice cup of tea :)

AllienWorks Labs

Hi all, I’m happy to tell you that I’ve launched something I like to call AllienWorks Labs (‘cos I gotta have a lab, don’t you?).

AllienWorks Labs

As you can see, its much more eye-pleasing than current AW website, but I’m slowly working on overall redesign. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to say hi to my new little illustrated friend, Allien (that guy with turquoise antenna in my lab). You’ll be seeing him more and more; don’t try to make him angry, please.

That’s it, really. Stay free, go open and see ya.

Mono2 (117 vector Icons) released

Mono2 Icon Pack

I’ve been recently invited to open up a shop at Creative Market, so I crafted Mono2 Icon Pack with 117 vector icons as my first public “product”:

Mono² Icon Pack Get it at Creative Market!

About Mono2

I fell in love with Some Randon Dude’s Iconic (as mentioned earlier), but some of the icons just didn’t fit me (and I was missing some icons I’d use). So that’s why I made my own monochromatic vector icons. Mono2 is available in vector formats AI, EPS, PDF and SVG as well as in bitmap PSD (at 24×24 px by default), but mainly in webfont formats for all the browsers (EOT, SVG, TTF & WOFF).

This is initial version of Mono2 and more icons are coming, so stay tuned. Also, don’t miss out on starting Intro Sale – you can grab Mono2 for just $5 (with free future updates)!

Icons included

  • General icons (basic icons for websites and blogs)
  • Social & Web (featuring most favourite social networks and websites)
  • Web Devel & Licences (with HTML5 “badges” to showcase your skills and Creative Commons licences)

If you just can’t find some icons you’re looking for, let me know, I’ll consider them. Support is important for me, so I’ll do the best I can.

FoundationPress coming soon


Time to spill the beans. I’ve been cooking something delicious for a while now. And it’s around the corner!

FoundationPress WordPress theme

I’ll try to tease you a little – it’s gonna be my first (well not first at all, but first public) WordPress theme. Umm, well I’m not sure about the “Theme” as well, it’s a lovely mutant of a theme and framework. FoundationPress is built with Foundation 4, one of the most amazing things I’ve seen/used this year and much more.

Key features

  • Easily and highly customizable (via WordPress’ Customize Theme, Theme Options etc.)
  • Responsive and just amazing :)
  • Localization ready
  • Packed with microformats & accessibility (via ARIA landmarks)
  • Semantic and well-commented code

..just to name a few.

It’s main aim is to provide solid base for your projects; minimal styling = no CSS cherry-picking and more.. I have huge plans with FoundationPress, so there will be many updates and child themes in the future.


FoundationPress isn’t quite ready.. yet. I want it to be perfect when going public – for your good. If you want to stay in touch with FPress’ development and updates, consider joining AW Newsletter:

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Don’t worry – I won’t spam you with loads of messages (I don’t really have time for that – one a month max.) or sell your address to anybody. I hate this as you do. Bad karma.